Why finance professionals work with Skipa


8 out of 10 companies... cannot scale effectively

How valuable would be it be to know what it is that 2 out of 10 companies get right?

Skipa understands why selecting an investment portfolio can be a risky, time-consuming and sometimes painful process, whether investing for growth, M&A or restructure/rescue purposes.

We believe the problem lies with the traditional investment process, which focuses mainly on finance and legal issues and often results in both entrepreneurs and investors ‘leaving money on the table’ unnecessarily:

  • investors paying too much (or at all) for a company that won't work because technology or culture doesn't match with the strategic ambitions.
  • entrepreneurs accepting a lower valuation than what's fair.
  • investors and entrepreneurs losing out because the company gets bogged down by ineffective management, inefficient processes and underperforming employees.
  • investors and entrepreneurs losing out because time is misspent on getting up to speed on "basics" instead of spending time on accentuating what's unique

We know what successful investors and entrepreneurs do differently, and will guide you through an enhanced due diligence process to enable you to avoid the pitfalls and maximise the potential for successful investment.

Did You Know?

"Did you know that 8 out of 10 companies that achieve Seed or Series A investment fail, or fail to deliver at the next growth phase, often because they cannot scale effectively?"

Why investors and entrepreneurs work with Skipa

We ensure that investments are made at fair prices for both sides, based on establishing a thorough understanding of any risks, associated costs and time frames.

We help entrepreneurs to avoid wasting time on talking to the wrong investors, or losing out on opportunities because of not being prepared for their potential investors’ questions.

We enable entrepreneurs and investors to speed up a company’s development by implementing best practice cross-company mind-sets and management techniques.

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