Skipa works with companies
with tech at their core.

We provide investment consultancy for entrepreneurs and investors.

We help company founders to successfully prepare their business for investment, working with them in the lead up to due diligence.

We work with investors to help them make
better investment decisions.


Investment consultancy for entrepreneurs

Skipa provides investment consultancy to help you achieve the investment you need. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, so we’re also able to see things from the founders’ perspective, and we understand the combination of exhilaration and sleepless nights that comes from building and scaling a company.

Our experience will enable us to uncover hidden opportunities to achieve the right conditions for optimum business growth, or highlight any stumbling blocks.

We’ll carry out a deep-dive analysis of your organisational structures, people, processes and technology, and check that you’ve got all the right elements working together. And we’ll pick over your business plan from every angle.

Our support in this crucial pre-due diligence stage will give you the edge when it comes to making your business more attractive to potential investors. When you find yourself in the room with your future investors, as they conduct their investor due diligence, there will be no questions that you can’t answer.

Investment consultancy for investors

Skipa supports investors to make better decisions and minimise the risks associated with investors.

As part of the investor due diligence process, we’ll enhance your understanding of a potential investment company, and guide you through what is needed to unlock growth, integrate a new acquisition, or successfully restructure.

Our tech experts support you during the due diligence phase and post-transaction, using experience and detailed processes which enable us to identify whether the businesses you are considering investing in have the key people, processes, technical components and culture in place for your investment to pay off.

We provide essential support following the due diligence process to help you implement change and build the infrastructure needed.

  • Growth. We work with venture capital investors in looking for companies with the potential for fast scaling and return on the investment.
  • M&A. We support investors in the M&A and buyout arenas, deepening their understanding of what’s on the table, how profitable it is, and why, and what lies behind a possible merger. We look carefully into culture and infrastructure, to enable potential buyers to spot and remove hidden obstacles.
  • Restructure. We support investors in companies in crisis, digging deep to find out what went wrong, and why. We look at what can be salvaged, and what may need to be cast adrift, in order to keep the company afloat in the short term, and get it back on course in the future.

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