Our investment consultancy helps investors and entrepreneurs to minimise risk, avoid wasting time and money, and maximise investment potential.


Skipa understands how tech, business processes and people need to interact to create the right culture and conditions for successful investment.

  • We provide support during the investment due diligence process, guiding better investment decisions by helping investors to spot and quantify potential risks, develop mitigation plans and uncover unfulfilled potential.
  • We help entrepreneurs get their business ready for a funding event by telling their story well and having plans and explanations ready to answer any questions raised by investors.
  • Following investment, we provide ongoing support to help companies to get the most out of their employees and fast-tack through all the steps to friction-free scalability.

Skipa helps founders to prepare for investor due diligence

With a great idea, the right people and infrastructure, and enough funding, the opportunities are limitless.

We will work with you in the crucial pre-diligence phase to prepare your company for the scrutiny of Seed or Series A investors.

We’ll check that you’ve got thorough plans, the right people and the right tech in place – and if not, we’ll develop the roadmap to get you there.

Then we’ll put ourselves in the shoes of potential investors, asking the questions we know they’ll ask, until you can be confident you have answers for everything

Skipa supports the investor due diligence process

Traditionally, the investment due diligence process has focused on examining the financial and legal aspects of a company.

Today’s smart investors recognise that they need to understand the complete business:

  • Products/services and technology
  • Business models and costs/revenue scaling
  • Culture and mindset
  • Risks and potential
  • That's where Skipa can help

Skipa makes the due diligence process work

Our expertise lies in assessing the business structure and culture, and understanding and advising on the tech that needs to be in place to create the right conditions for a successful transaction.
We will:


Identify risks and quantify them in terms of costs, time and complexity


Highlight opportunities and ways to exploit them


Provide a considered assessment of the strategic viability of the potential investment

How Skipa supports investors after due diligence: 100-day support

If you’re happy to go ahead with an investment following due diligence, and the transaction proceeds, we will support you and the company management through the process of implementing our recommendations.

We call this ‘100-day support’ and for this period we’ll be embedded in the team, working with key people to provide guidance and clear navigation towards the transaction’s successful conclusion.
We will:

  • Provide immediate post-investment support to fix any urgent 'red flags'.
  • Provide mentoring for senior management to support long-term planning and development.
  • Provide consultancy project support to fix any technical issues.

Ongoing advice

Following the successful conclusion of a transaction, Skipa’s experts can stay on board as part of the client team, providing ongoing advice and guidance, ensuring that our recommendations have been successfully implemented, and, if appropriate, preparing the business for the next round of growth funding

We Will:

  • Provide longer-term, ongoing strategic advice to the Board.

  • Advice investors from an operational point of view.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring support with the organisation.

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