How do you get your company ready for funding?

How can you best prepare for the questions that will be asked?

How can you avoid wasting time talking to investors who will never invest in your company?

How can you make sure your company comes across as well prepared, professional and attractive as possible?

Investment consultancy for entrepreneurs

Skipa provides investment consultancy to help you achieve the investment you need. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, so we’re also able to see things from the founders’ perspective, and we understand the combination of exhilaration and sleepless nights that comes from building and scaling a company.

Our experience will enable us to uncover hidden opportunities to achieve the right conditions for optimum business growth, or highlight any stumbling blocks.

We’ll carry out a deep-dive analysis of your organisational structures, people, processes and technology, and check that you’ve got all the right elements working together. And we’ll pick over your business plan from every angle.

Our support in this crucial pre-due diligence stage will give you the edge when it comes to making your business more attractive to potential investors. When you find yourself in the room with your future investors, as they conduct their investor due diligence, there will be no questions that you can’t answer.

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