We work with founders and investors to build extraordinary companies.

Skipa works with investors and entrepreneurs, creating the right conditions for investment in technology companies. Our vision is to create a world where the right companies achieve the right investment, at the right time.


Skipa works with companies with tech at their core.

We help founders to prepare their business for investment, working with them in the lead-up to due diligence to ensure they are ready for funding, and to make their company more attractive to the right investors.

We work with investors who want to achieve extraordinary results. Our expertise adds to existing competencies and extends portfolio-building capacity, leading to better quality investment decisions. We provide support and consultancy to ensure companies that achieve investment go on to deliver their potential.

We provide support and consultancy to ensure companies that achieve investment go on to deliver their potential.



Old Norse meaning ‘to arrange things, draw up, put in order, fit out a ship.’ It is pronounced with a hard k and a long “e” sound (to rhyme with 'keeper'). It might be misheard as 'skipper'. We don't mind. 'Captain of a ship' fits well with the word's origins, and with what we do."

Why Work With Skipa

8 out of 10 companies that achieve investment fail to deliver the required return. Skipa’s aim is to change that.


Attract Investors

We ensure companies seeking venture capital are in the right shape to scale successfully.


Minimise risk

We help entrepreneurs and investors to avoid wasting time and money


Uncover Potential

We reveal the hidden opportunities for a business to become extraordinary

What Skipa does


Due Diligence

We make the due diligence process reveal more about a company’s potential


100-day support

We use our insights to help a company implement the changes necessary for successful investment


Ongoing advice

We become part of the team, supporting investments through growth to success

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Our comprehensive due diligence service defines industry best practices and quantifies your company's maturity level through a series of thoughtfully crafted questions. Engaging in meaningful conversations is our forte and we’d be thrilled to explore new possibilities with you.

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