Skipa is dedicated to creating a world where the investment process works


We began as technology consultants and experts on business-critical software and infrastructure. We would put in place the technology that businesses needed to scale and achieve the success they deserved, particularly when the company’s investment potential was being considered – whether for growth, M&A or restructure.

Along the way, we proved that building an extraordinary business requires a holistic view, rather than a focus on individual functions.

We found that many companies are unable to effectively prepare for investment, and that many investors invest in companies that aren’t yet ready for the journey.


McKinsey research shows that in any given year, about 10% of all large mergers and acquisitions are cancelled, while the failure rate for M&A sits between 70-90%.

What can entrepreneurs or investors do to increase their chances of successful investment?

We learned that, for a company to become extraordinary, it needs strong foundations built on three cornerstones:


Clarity of purpose, and alignment throughout the organisation


Management by values and focus on culture


Autonomy and effective processes

These cornerstones create organisational discipline, enabling faster and more effective scaling, and speeding up growth.

Skipa is dedicated to working with investors and founders who want to achieve extraordinary results, helping them to build these strong foundations.

We work with investors and founders who want to break the mould and do it better. We help them to take care of their companies, and fast-track them past the common pitfalls and mandatory learnings.

The Skipa vision

Our vision is to create a world where:


All good companies get access to the funding and resources they need


Only those companies that are ready for the development journey get funded


Failed investments are the exception rather than the norm

Did You Know?

One of the common mistakes founders make is seeking too little investment.

Within a ££multi-million deal, an extra couple of million is unlikely to scare off a serious investor, but could make all the difference to your ability to achieve your vision.

By immersing ourselves in your company’s data, and guiding you past any pitfalls, we’ll give you the confidence to go for what you really need.

Our Approach

Combining organisation, culture and tech consultancy.

At our core is a combination of IT expertise and knowledge of organisational culture. We understand how they interact, and how to develop them to create a business that’s robust, scalable and future-proof. Crucially, we understand the importance of achieving that within the right time frame.

Culture is hard to build, and even more difficult to change, and it is often overlooked as a ‘soft’ process in due diligence processes. But the right mindset within a team, even more than the right talent, often means the difference between success and failure.

Our track record shows that by contributing to a thorough due diligence process, which goes beyond the traditional financial, commercial and legal due diligence, we can identify the success criteria.

Our approach to investment consultancy helps to build a winning mindset within an organisation. We will find and address the causes of failures, in raising funding, or executing M&A or restructure transactions. With our support, entrepreneurs and investments are able to make better informed decisions and work together towards more successful investments.

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